Angel(experement)I walk down a wide winding lane

my arms outstretched…blindfolded

They say the sun shines bright

The rainbow is light

There’s green everywhere

but i have no sight

I smell the lillies

I taste the wind

I hear the birds

I sense the light

and just then I hear a voice

and it tells me

Open your eyes

The blindfold is long gone

I flutter my eyes

they blink and shudder

as I take in the bliss

I raise my arms to cover my eyes

and again I hear that voice

You deserve to see my child

I look up and see a beautiful angel

Smiling back at me

Her face glowing like the sun

Her body strong

Her aura vulnerable

Her head held high

She looks enchanting dressed in green

and her dancing eyes fill me with life

Looking at her changes something in me

and I finally see what I can really be.