Blue was the colour of the season.
A long aftermath of dooms day.
Lightning had struck a dream.
Thunder still echoed in it’s wake.
The world seen through tinted glasses ,
floated aimlessly in dark shadows.
Everything was in shades of
black blue and grey.
One morning, eyes fluttered open
to the window agape.
Gentle wind blew 
the curtain astray.
A rainbow large and magnificent 
Peeked out between the clouds
that looked like candy floss. 
Threw out streaks of white effervescence.
As the iris enlarged to take in the sight,
In a moment the season of blue passed
and palettes of colours revived.
A deep red heart, a white dove,
green trees and an orange sky.
A new dream took a moment to build.
The season of gloom had lived it’s course
Bloom had to replace the blue
The tinted glasses had to come off some day.
1st Sep 2013
 (C) Seems Shenoy. Life & success coach. Bangalore, India.